NickGallagher (ニック・ギャラガー)

・USA Minnesota Kendama Open2017 freestyle champion

Sweets Kendamas所属。2016年に開催されたアメリカの最も大きな大会Minnesota Kendama Openで優勝。今年開催された同大会のフリースタイル部門でもチャンピオンとなり、これまでの活躍と実力が認められプロに昇格。本大会でプロプレーヤーとしての初タイトルに挑む。

Pro kendama player sponsored by Sweets Kendamas. In 2016, he took the title at the biggest North American competition, “MKO (Minnesota Kendama Open”, and became the champion of the freestyle division of the same competition this year. Since his marvelous kendama career and astonishing skill have got recognized globally, he was officially announced as a pro kendama player for Sweets Kendamas at the end of October 2017. This year’s Catch and Flow is going to be his debut match as a pro kendama player.